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1/18/2018 – Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students

THIS WEEK: Segregated Gerrymandering … Funding Cuts Hurt Students … Texas Broke SpEd Law … Costs Of Charters … Discipline Guidelines At Risk


Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students

By Jeff Bryant

“President Trump ran on promises to ‘drain the swamp’ of special interests and corporate lobbyists in Washington, DC, but higher education policy in his administration is a quagmire of Okefenokee proportions … Filling the swamp with higher education exploiters has severe negative financial consequences not only to college loan holders, but also to the public treasury, and according to a new report, the fallout to taxpayers is likely worse than what’s widely understood.”
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We Can Draw School Zones To Make Classrooms Less Segregated. This Is How Well Your District Does.


“Once you look at the school attendance zones … it becomes clearer … groups with political clout – mainly wealthier, whiter communities – have pushed policies that help white families live in heavily white areas and attend heavily white schools … Often the attendance zones are gerrymandered to put white students in classrooms that are even whiter than the communities they live in. The result is that schools today are re-segregating … But this exact strategy – gerrymandering school districts to include certain kinds of students and exclude others – can also be used to integrate a school, rather than segregate them.”
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Less Money For Schools After The Recession Meant Lower Test Scores And Graduation Rates, Study Finds


“The Great Recession did real damage to student learning … The latest analysis… found that the impact of the spending cuts was substantial. Cutting per-student spending by 10 percent throughout a student’s high-school years reduced their likelihood of graduating by nearly 3 percentage points… Those spending cuts also led to lower scores on the federal NAEP test … Spending has bounced back … but … by 2015, 29 states were still spending less per student than they were in 2008.”
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Texas Illegally Excluded Thousands From Special Education, Federal Officials Say

The New York Times

“Texas education officials illegally led schools across the state to deny therapy, tutoring and counseling to tens of thousands of children with disabilities … The state agency’s decision to set a ‘target’ for the maximum percentage of students who should receive special education services had violated federal laws … The target, enacted in 2004 and eliminated last year, was set at 8.5% of enrollment … even though the state and national averages had both long been about 12% … The target had forced [teachers] to withhold services from students with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, mental illnesses, speech impairments, or even blindness and deafness.”
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Charter Schools Are Taking Money Away From NC School Districts, Study Says

The News & Observer

“Charter schools in North Carolina are taking money away from traditional public schools and reducing what services those school districts can provide to their students … In the case of Durham, NC, the study found that charter schools are creating a fiscal burden for the district between $500 and $700 per student … The study found smaller but what it still called significant negative fiscal effects on the five other districts examined … The study says that state leaders may want to consider providing transitional aid to smooth or mitigate the revenue losses for school districts as charter schools continue to expand.”
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Keep Guidelines In Place That Work To Ensure Fair Discipline For Black, Brown Students

USA Today

Two advocates for school discipline reforms warn, “The Trump administration is gearing up to kill the [federal school discipline] guidelines, worsening the damage to black and brown children caused by unfair discipline … Black students are expelled, suspended and thrown in juvenile detention more frequently than their white counterparts for the same behaviors … Federal guidance plays a key role in keeping all kids in school and helping schools to implement in-school disciplinary measures … In many places, since the 2014 guidance was issued, suspensions have gone down. The guidance has helped thousands of parents and students understand their rights and schools’ responsibilities.”
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