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Waking Up To Our Broken Education Policies

Who could ever forget comedian Jon Stewart’s commentary in early 2009 on how financial reporters totally botched reporting of the Great Recession. Stewart mocked journalists at CNBC for missing all the warning signs of the over-valued housing market and their failure to question wild speculation on sub-prime mortgage debt. In one famous clip, Stewart said […]

Dirty Secret In The Education Wars: Money Matters

An interesting twist in the ever-fascinating narrative of Republican politics unfolded in Mississippi this month when political operatives in the campaign to reelect US Senator Thad Cochran to another term attacked their primary challenger for wanting to “deeply cut federal education dollars on which Mississippi schools rely.” Wait a sec – don’t all Republicans, especially […]

Standards Scolds Are Getting Us Nowhere

Anyone who remembers the spectacle of the Obama Administration’s maneuvering on the Grand Bargain for solving the nation’s financial problems should feel in familiar territory watching how the current controversy over the Common Core State Standards is playing out. Recall, the Grand Bargain, as economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman explained in the […]

Education Accountability We Can Believe In

Michelle Obama is very upset. According to reports from CNN, the First Lady finds it’s “unacceptable” that Republicans lawmakers in the House are pushing to allow schools to opt out of nutrition regulations that were part of a 2010 law that established new requirements for the country’s free or reduced-price lunch program. The new regulations […]