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Democrats Should Listen To What Senator Whitehouse Said About Education Policy

A curious thing happened this week on Capitol Hill: A politician said something about education that made sense. The “something” didn’t come from President Obama. In the president’s annual State of the Union address, “K-12 policy largely took a back seat”, Education Week’s Alyson Klein observed. Indeed, the issue was barely in the car. Although […]

Who’s Really Failing Students?

“Failure is not an option,” has been a popular slogan in public education for years. Although, flight engineers and astronauts in the Apollo 13 program originally coined the phrase as a motivator for competing against the Russians in the space race, some well-meaning advocates in the education reform community adopted it for their cause. Then […]

EON Awarded For ‘Questioning The Charter School Hype’

The following article authored by Education Opportunity Network Director Jeff Bryant has been awarded one of the “top 25 most censored or underreported news stories of 2014.” The award came from Project Censored, “a media research, literacy, and education organization established in 1976.” The article originally appeared in Imagine your 5-year-old boy went to […]

The Coalition For An Education Agenda Just Isn’t There, Yet

The anticipated role education was presumed to have in this week’s midterm election generally did not pan out. Most analysts have concluded the election results derived from a wave of voter “discontent” mostly due to widespread economic dissatisfaction. Republican candidates were generally successful at attributing economic problems to the “failure” of the Obama presidency. As […]