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Political Parties Present Clear Choices For Education In 2016, So Far

For years, there’s been an agreement – a “Washington consensus” – among Beltway policy makers and political elites that America’s schools are in “crisis” and only a punitive program of standards, testing, and accountability can remedy them. Both Republicans and Democrats bought into that narrative and adopted it into their party platforms. So, as seasoned […]

Education Makes The Progressive Punchlist

For years, the progressive punchlist of issues has neglected education policy. Back in the 2012 election, education was mostly a no-show in presidential debates, and very few candidates were standard bearers for public schools, leaving these issues primarily matters left to ballot initiatives totally remote from party or movement platforms. Again in 2014, a strong […]

An Alternative To Failed Education ‘Reform,’ If We Want One

The movement to boycott standardized testing has caught the media totally by surprise. The mostly parent-led effort started with Facebook pages and neighborhood meetings has grown into a firestorm of resistance. As the Associated Press reported this week, “This ‘opt-out’ movement remains scattered but is growing fast.” The article points to New York – where […]